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Worship Service

Worship continues to be streamed on Facebook live each week at 9 am where it will remain on our Facebook page as a post.   In order to view, first find our Facebook page:  ‘First United Methodist Church of Mission, TX’.  Then, Like us.   You will now be able to view each week. Please call office if you need help 956-585-1665.



Donations to Mission FUMC

Giving can be mailed in to: FUMC Mission, 1101 Doherty, Mission, TX 78572

ALSO DONATE Online here:  https://2db4ab52.churchtrac.com/give


Restaurant Fellowship Fundraiser Days

Ace's BBQ Fundraiser 956-205-2151 1st and 2nd Mondays each month, TO GO or eat in, ALL day 11 am- 9 pm is our fundraiser days at Ace's! Yummy BBQ at a good price for you, and 15% of your purchase for the church.  *Verbal Church ID required while ordering for credit.

THANK YOU ACE'S! www.acesbarbq.com 


Chili’s Fellowship Fundraiser Day!

Third Thursdays each month. All day from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm. Go for lunch or dinner and enjoy great fellowship at the Chili’s off Shary Rd and Exp. The church receives 15% of all proceeds back to us!  

*Verbal Church ID required while ordering.


This Week

Sunday                            May 22

8, 9, & 11:00 am

Worship Services

10:00 am

Sunday School

3:00 pm

Dist Conference Zoom

5:00 pm

Spanish Worship


May 23

11:00 am

Prayer Time

7:00 pm

AA & Alanon Meeting


May 24

5:30 pm

Church Council

7:00 pm

Handbell Rehearsal


May 25

5:30 pm

Praise Team Rehearsal

7:00 pm

Choir Practice


May 26

9:00 am

Humanities Study CHAP


May 27

5:30 pm

Dinner w Friends

7:00 pm

AA Meeting


May 28

2:00 pm

Lee/ Ramsdale Wedding


May 29

8, 9, & 11:00 am

Mem Day Services

10:00 am

Sunday School

5:00 pm

Spanish Worship























Meetings will be in Chapel

Committee’s Coming Up:

Church Council – Tues. May 24th - 5:30 pm

Trustees – Tues. June 7th - 6:00 pm Stewardship – Tues. Aug 16th  - 3:00 pm

Finance – Tues. Aug 16th  - 5:00 pm


Upcoming Opportunities & Events:


5/31 PU FB, 6/1 Bagging, 6/2 Distr

6/14 PU,  6/15 Bagging, 6/16 Distr

- Emmaus Gathering – 1st Sat, June 4th at 4 pm here at Mission FUMC, all welcome.  www.ValleyEmmaus.com for walk forms. 

 -Emmaus Valley wide gathering Sat July 16th pot luck & worship

June 6th & 13th  Ace’s BBQ Fundraiser the 1st & 2nd Mondays each month, ALL day. 2536 E. Griffin Pkwy. Free peach cobbler night! 956-205-2151. *Verbal Church ID required while ordering.


June 16th   Chili’s Fellowship Fundraiser Day.  Third Thursdays each month. All day from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm. Go for lunch or dinner and enjoy at the Chili’s off Shary Rd and Exp. 15% of all proceeds back to us!  *Verbal Church ID required while ordering.


Donations for ‘Air Conditioner Fund’, above & beyond regular giving, still gratefully accepted  Total was: $26,402.51. Mark A/C Fund on your check. Thank you to all donating!


Pablo’s Closet is always in need of clean, gently worn clothing of all sizes.  Please bring to church office anytime. Open to all on 3rd Thursdays during food pantry times.


  Summer Custodial & Office Volunteers Needed If interested in a day or 2 each week especially during mid July-August vacations, please contact Diane.

Maria Vac- Jul 17-26/Diane Vac-Jul 25-30th

Please Invite Your Peeps!

v  Give 3 people an invite card

v  Share Worship Service on Facebook

v  Pick up the phone and invite 3 people

v  Be sure to welcome our visitors

v  Invite to Worship, a Study, Food Pantry help, Lunch at Fundraisers, Sunday School or Dinner with Friends.


Break Bread With Us fundraiser for our Food Pantry. The Mission FUMC Food pantry serves about 230 families twice each month. You can be a Bread Buddy and help a family in need!

   Here’s the deal we have:  Buy 1 or more packs of Italian Bread, (mark giving as BREAD as we are sending order as 1 for saving on shipping BY MAY 31) it ships directly to us AND we receive 30% cash back to the Food Pantry!   Our goal is to get 230 packages to help add to the food bags. The bread is $9.00 ea. and only requires water to mix.


2022 Rio Texas Annual Conference is at the McAllen Conference Center this year, June 8th- 11th. If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend, you may go as a visitor.


         Week of

May 22, 2022

Finance New$

Budget for 2022

$ 423,216.00

Needed Weekly

$ 8,138.00

Total GF Rec’d Last Week

$ 4,254.00

Total  to Date

$ 167,053.00

Total Needed to Date ‘22

$ 162,760.00

Emergency/Reserve Fund

$ 23,225.00.00

A/C Giving IN Reserve fund

$ 7,752.00


$ 2,809.00

Com Rail Nurse

$ 106.00

Native American Sun

$ 208.00

Elevator Loan Balance

$ 33,510.00

Misc. Fndrsrs Rstrnts

$ 908.64

Shoe Bank

$ 1,662.98

Apportionments Bal.

$ 14,792.16

Food Pantry served Apr

431 Families


2022 Stewardship Campaign Update:

General Fund: $ 147,508.00- 54 pledges

Elevator Fund: $ 16,400.00- 21 pledges

Remember to designate giving on your checks or envelopes.



 CONGRATS to Our College Graduates!

Joshua Alaniz Jr – STC

Bethany Duke – McMurry Univ

Aylin Luna – McMurry Univ

Many blessings in your future!







Men’s Emmaus Reunion Group every Tuesday morning at 7:30 am here at the church in the Coffee Bar Area. Cancelled for now.

 Women’s Emmaus Group If you would like to join on Saturdays at 9:30 am, contact Ange Duvall at 956-627-5407 or 956-662-9632 for meeting location.

Women’s ‘Gonna Be Angels’ Group meets 8:30 am Fridays. Contact Ande Leatherman 956-583-1178

Pilgrim applications are now being accepted for the VEC #110 Men's Walk TBA. Fee $170. See the Valley Emmaus website for more details.  Go to www.valleyemmaus.com for application.  De Colores!





left something in church after services?  Please check the counter at the Welcome Center to see if yours.