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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Ministry Opportunities


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Mission Service Project       
Since 1982, Mission Service Project has been serving Christ by serving community families.  MSP is a home rehab project.  Groups of Youth and their Adult sponsors come to Mission/McAllen to work the first full week of June each year.They will stay in local churches.  They will work at sites assigned to them by the MSP coordinating team.  Evening meals are served in a local high school and evening activities are planned for the entire group.The project costs the work team members $250 per person.  Much of the project is subsidized by local private and corporate contributors.  Jobs the teams will be assigned will vary, but the possibilities are roofing, sheet-rock, window and door replacement, painting, etc.

Churches represented on the MSP coordinating team are FUMC Mission, Trinity UMC McAllen, First Presbyterian Mission, St. Paul Catholic Mission, Holy Spirit Catholic McAllen, FUMC McAllen, St. Peter/St. Paul Episcopal Mission. MSP also has a college-age week in January every year.

For more information contact the church.

Acolytes - 3rd through 5th graders assist in 11:00 a.m. Traditional Worship.
At Home Prayer - Faithful prayer for known prayer concerns, situations, the church and it's ministries.
Bell Choir - Seasonal opportunity to help enhance worship through  bells. Contact: Carol Anderson or the church office.
Chancel Choir - youth and adults rehearse on Wednesday evenings  at 7:00 p.m. and sing weekly in 11:00 a.m. Traditional Worship. 
Contact: Church Office
Children's Ministry - Help in many areas with Bible-based ministry for children ages 3 through 5th grade on Sunday mornings. 
Contact: Ruth Hudson 585-1665, or email her at lambs@missionfumc.com
Cooking - Helping prepare meals for various events and studies, or for individual families as needed.
Coffee Bar - Prepare and set-up coffee and treats before morning worship services and clean up when finished.
Communion Assistant - Prepare and clean up elements for monthly communion.
Contact: Carol Jon Zimmerman 585-5665
Contemporary Worship - Help is needed in many areas from being part of the music team, to running the sound board, to operating the computer and PowerPoint.
Decorating Sanctuary - Creatively enhancing the worship atmosphere, especially for special seasons and times of year. Contact: Lee Kurth or Dorothy Unger through the Church Office.
Dinner with Friends - help prepare, serve, and/or clean up for weekly Friday evening neighborhood dinner - serving begins at 5:30 p.m. Contact: Ange Duvall through the Church Office
Doorstep Visitation - Short visit to welcome first time guests (on the door step of their home) with information about the church and a small gift. Contact: Church Office 585-1665
Food Pantry - Help with distributing food and/or record keeping on 1st and 3rd Thursdays.
Ralph Zimmerman 585-5665
Food Pantry Preparation - help with picking up food at the food bank and/or separating and boxing food items for Thursday distribution. Contact Ralph Zimmerman 585-5665  
Gardening - Helping to maintain and create flower beds and garden areas at the church.
Contact:  Church Office
Greeter - Offering friendly greetings, giving directions and/or tours of the church to guests for regular and/or special worship times.
Helping Hands - Being willing to do small repair jobs, run errands, help to change out a light bulb, and many other small chores as needed for those who aren't able to do it themselves.
Contact: Church office 585-1665
Helping on Sundays - Besides all the other opportunities mentioned, help is needed to prepare and put out the coffee and goodies by 8:00 a.m. on Sunday Mornings. Help is also needed to clean up and put things away after the 11:00 a.m. worship.
Hospitality - Hosting a small group or special event in your home, or helping with hospitality at church.
Contact JoAnn Gibson 580-8961
Instrumentalist - Offering your musical gift for worship or small group setting.
Contact: Church Office 585-1665
Lay Speaking Ministry - Becoming a certified lay speaker to assist in leading worship and various ministries. Contact: Pastor Bill Duke 585-1665
Mission Service Project - To help youth repair local homes through food or money donations, delivering supplies, leading a work team, trouble-shooting, etc.
Nursery Volunteers - Help play with and care for the children in the nursery on as needed basis.
Office Help - Answering the phone and helping with various needs in the office.
Contact: 585-1665
Prayer Ministry - Helping to make prayer a priority in our church through various means.
Small Group Leadership - Being willing to lead a small group and attend accountability and training meetings. Contact: Dan Darnell (956) 358-3107
Stitches of Love - Sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting blankets and gifts for hospitals and where there is a need. Contact Church Office
Sunday School Teachers - Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people of all ages
Usher - Serve as usher for Sunday morning worship and/or special worship times.
Contact: Church Office 585-1665
Vacation Bible School - Teach, assist, lead music, help with crafts, food, or recreation for one week each summer for 4 years old through 5th grade children. Contact: Pastor Bill Duke 585-1665 or Ruth Hudson 585-1665, or email her at lambs@missionfumc.com
Visitation - Being Christ's representative by visiting in the hospital, homes, and nursing homes.
Contact: Martha Harrison 585-3498
Youth Ministries - be present at meetings, be a mentor, or assist with weekly meeting, special outings, trips, and spiritual learning opportunities for junior high or senior high youth.
Contact: Church Office 585-1665