Mission FUMC
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Serving Christ, Loving All

From the Pastor

A Message From Our Pastor 

             How much faith does it take to be saved? Just believing that God exists is not faith. Even the demons know God is real, but they do not believe in Him. They do not follow Him. The word faith connotes a relationship of trust. If some tells you that they believe in you they are expressing more than your existence. They trust you. They have faith in you. Is this your faith in God?
So how much faith do you need? Well all you can acquire I believe is the correct answer. I want to totally believe and trust in God, but I have my times of doubts and can be as Jesus said, “O ye of little faith.” Even though we should strive for great faith I do believe we can start with a little faith about the size of a mustard seed. Jesus compares the faith of a mustard seed to the Kingdom of Heaven in Mark 4:30-32. Faith is like a seed and when it is planted in the heart and mind of a person it has the potential to grow into a mighty tree.
For a seed to grow and take root it must have the correct amount of sunlight, water and food. For our faith to grow we need exposure to the Son, the showers of prayers, and the nutrients of the Word. Faith the size of a mustard seed is were it can all begin. Jesus did not say a seed the size of an avocado but the smallest of seeds. Mustard seeds in the Middle East are the size of one speck of pepper and yet it grows into one of the hardiest trees.
If you have a little faith do not be ashamed, but nurture it and allow your faith to grow. Allow your relationship to God to mean more than His mere existence, but trust in Him and Follow Him.
In Christ’s Love, 
Pastor Bill Duke